"Hell is other people"

Tag: Ron DeSantis

  • Casualties of War

    If truth is the first casualty in war, in politics truth is slaughtered before it even has the chance to see the light of day.

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  • Body Snatchers

    I don’t support the misuse of words and phrases, like calling peaceful trespassers “insurrectionists” or plastering the “groomer” label on everyone to your left. However, adults who introduce to children graphic cartoons and texts advocating anal activity, masturbation and sex acts (gay or straight) among children should be arrested. I can only conclude that such […]

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  • A Turd by Any Other Name…

    Before we start, I would like to acknowledge the platform we are debating upon was constructed upon the bodies of the government-oppressed indigenous DARPA peoples, and later stolen from the AlGore Innerwebz tribe… CRT: Originally an Academic Theory, now a Convenient Label Get three words out about “CRT in schools” and swarms of lefties appear […]

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  • New Religion, Angry Gods

    Ron DeSantis has banned teaching CRT in Florida. This has opened an interesting debate: Isn’t it ‘dictatorial’ to ban the teaching of something? On the other hand, states are obligated to evaluate the educational merits of materials and curricula used in their publicly-funded schools. Overblown rhetoric like this doesn’t help the CRT side. Joy Pullman–arguing […]

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  • Florida Whistleblower Update!

    Remember the Florida covid data “whistleblower?” She just pled guilty.

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