"Hell is other people"

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  • The Totalitarian Urge

    Plaskett v. Gutenberg First, IRS agents made a visit to Matt Taibbi’s house the day of his congressional testimony, next, congresspeople demanded he name his sources during the hearing, and now this… A Democratic delegate to Congress appears to have threatened “Twitter Files” journalist Matt Taibbi with up to five years in prison for purportedly lying under […]

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  • MSNBC: House of Lies

    I’ve already slammed Fox News, so now it’s MSNBC’s turn in the barrel. MSNBC makes money peddling lies and smears. The high bar for slander and libel against public figures is all that saves them. Fox made the mistake of being a platform to attack a private entity, Dominion Voting Systems. So far, MSNBC has […]

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  • Information Revolution (suppression)

    Kurt Vonnegut and Matt Taibbi on the Federal Government’s domestic info ops.

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  • Media: Rigged, Hacked, Illegitimate

    If you win, it’s “the cleanest election in history.” If you lose, the electorate is already primed to throw a fit. It’s dirty, unpatriotic behavior and it’s now a routine element of all elections, coming from the Trump side and from officialdom. — Matt Taibbi

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  • Finding Common Ground

    “If a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who’s been arrested.” – Tom Wolfe

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