"Hell is other people"

Tag: Fox News

  • Moloch’s Empire

    Don Lemon is out, Tucker Carlson is out. Lemon’s defenestration is easily explainable: Prima Donna met his fate. Speculation still swirls around Tucker’s ouster, and I have no idea what happened. Carlson was Fox’s marquee star and #1 in his timeslot, but also under constant attack, which led to advertiser reluctance. As Pappy Silverfiddle says, […]

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  • Trumped and Outfoxed

    Like their competitors on the left, Fox News panders to the peanut gallery. The model: Straddle the divide between real-world fact and partisan fantasy, and keep the peanut gallery happy by skewing the narrative as much as you can without doing too much violence to the truth. Omission of key information is a big help. […]

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