"Hell is other people"

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  • It Could have been Bernie

    Nothing to see here. Move along! Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired the law firm Perkins Coie, who in turn hired Fusion GPS, who in turn hired Mr. Bean Christopher Steel to produce a “dossier” of unverified “intelligence,” Democrat party tittle-tattle, complete fabulations, and Russian disinformation. One of Steele’s main sources was Igor Danchenko, a man who […]

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  • Trumped Up

    Trumped Up

    Trump haters have been pleasuring themselves to Trump arrest deepfakes anticipating this day.

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  • Casualties of War

    If truth is the first casualty in war, in politics truth is slaughtered before it even has the chance to see the light of day.

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  • Finally, the left embraces The Constitution

    Andrew Bates, a White House spokesperson, said: “Attacking the constitution and all it stands for is anathema to the soul of our nation and should be universally condemned.” (Guardian) It is refreshing to see the “living document” left finally embrace and defend that racist, misogynistic tool of patriarchal oppression known as the US Constitution. Too bad […]

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  • Who Will Save the GOP?

    Who Will Save the GOP?

    Both political parties are going insane, but good liberals are much better at self-analysis and self-criticism than good conservatives.

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