"Hell is other people"

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  • A Turd by Any Other Name…

    Before we start, I would like to acknowledge the platform we are debating upon was constructed upon the bodies of the government-oppressed indigenous DARPA peoples, and later stolen from the AlGore Innerwebz tribe… CRT: Originally an Academic Theory, now a Convenient Label Get three words out about “CRT in schools” and swarms of lefties appear […]

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  • New Religion, Angry Gods

    Ron DeSantis has banned teaching CRT in Florida. This has opened an interesting debate: Isn’t it ‘dictatorial’ to ban the teaching of something? On the other hand, states are obligated to evaluate the educational merits of materials and curricula used in their publicly-funded schools. Overblown rhetoric like this doesn’t help the CRT side. Joy Pullman–arguing […]

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