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  • The Right to be Left Alone

    San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer has become the second NHL player this year to refuse to wear a LGBTQIA+ Pride jersey.  Reimer said on Saturday that he was remaining true to his Christian beliefs in a statement posted on social media. (The Post Millennial) Compulsory Symbolism Some people, with considered reason, oppose the mandatory […]

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  • Gulag DC

    Jan 6 pre-trial detentions set a dangerous legal precedent

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  • Textbook Projection

    I don’t love or hate Tucker Carlson or Fox News, Kevin McCarthy, or the GOP, but I enjoyed the Infotainment Media Complex hysterical breakdown when Kevin McCarthy handed Tucker Carlson all the Jan 6th footage. Johah Goldberg joins the leftish media and sticks his tongue out at the whole effort, while Daniel J. Flynn claims […]

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