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Russian Propaganda

In a thread awhile back, one of the lefty regulars here was regurgitating stale crap about Russia wanting Trump to win the election.

CI made the following comment:

Russia didn’t particularly care who won the 2016 election…..either candidate winning wasn’t their goal. Their digital messaging and cyber campaign was geared toward fomenting a fundamental distrust of American Citizens, in the institutions of the United States…..far beyond the normal distrust engendered by our political class and the media.

Part of this campaign was QAnon, part was the alleged ‘election fraud’…….but most facets haven’t fully played out…..yet.

The western lens has a difficult time understanding events through the Russian lens of Maskirovka, and thus, here we are.

A short primer: https://crestresearch.ac.uk/resources/russia-and-disinformation-maskirovka-full-report/

My Reply

Thank you.

Russia’s ability to inject tiny BS seeds into our national conversation is incredible, but our low-IQ enjoyment of sensationalism (and the profit motive that flows from there) and our willingness to believe anything that supports our beliefs and damns the opposing team are what make those seeds grow.

Americans water those Russian seeds, spread political manure over them, and then turn angry and incredulous when those seeds bloom into thousands of bogus turd blossoms bearing rotten, noxious fruit that is poisoning our dialog.

QANON is a plague of scabies on our society, but the left helps the Rooskies as well by echoing the propaganda when it advances their agenda. The left also fosters propaganda scams like Hamilton 68, with the Infotainment Media Complex avidly gobbling up the BS that flowed from that project.

Russia is playing us. I wish more people could understand this.

What say you?

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