"Hell is other people"

The Left’s Great Replacement Theory

“If there are things we cannot say we are in a tyranny”

– Roger Scruton

The left has been taunting and goading the right for 20 years about how immigration of Hispanics and “people of color” will demographically swamp “white people” and leave them a pathetic minority. When Tucker Carlson confronted that propaganda head-on, the left pounced. But the Daily Beast unintentionally made Carlson’s case for him in a hit piece backfire. See the final seven paragraphs.

Close the Window: Stifle Open Debate

Undeterred by facts and actual quotes, the left accuses him of propagating The Great Replacement Theory. Brilliant. *clap* *clap* *clap* That is why we can’t have nice things. Like honest debate.

“Democrats will not Replace Us!”

We could play the left’s game of plonkish literalist nitpicking: The racist, anti-Semitic chant of the Great Replacement Theory is, “Jews will not replace us.” Carlson never said Jews were doing this, and he has never said Democrats were trying to replace white people. So he left out the two main components. Tucker is warning that Democrats have stated they want to import more Democrats to replace Republicans, and then he has a laugh and observes it’s not working. Rather than going on an angry tirade about “people of color,” he rejoices in new citizens from Latin America coming over to the Republican side in a big way.

For those still convinced Carlson is a fascist bigot, I ask you this: What is the correct way to discuss documented statements of Democrats saying they want to import more poor people of color so they can lock in a permanent electoral majority? Please leave suggestions in the comments.

The Totalitarian Urge Afflicts Both Parties

People on the left have suffered similar fates (Noam Chomsky anyone? The transgendered Montana state representative, etc) for not climbing aboard the patriotic war wagon or violating some other rage or sensibility of the day, so the urge to silence is a malady that strikes all sides.

Concerned proles ask “What do we do to stop WrongSpeak?” DangerSpeak? HurtSpeak? You counter it with your Free Speech, better speech, facts, logic. The crabs in this barrel need to understand. You shoot holes in the barrel hoping to nail the “bad” crabs, you will end up ruining it for everyone, including yourself.

Before we get too far down the propaganda rabbit hole, a few links for reference:

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