"Hell is other people"

Moloch’s Empire

Don Lemon is out, Tucker Carlson is out.

Lemon’s defenestration is easily explainable: Prima Donna met his fate. Speculation still swirls around Tucker’s ouster, and I have no idea what happened. Carlson was Fox’s marquee star and #1 in his timeslot, but also under constant attack, which led to advertiser reluctance. As Pappy Silverfiddle says, “They only try to tackle the guy with the ball.”

Other Random Observations

I liked some of Tucker’s stuff I saw in video clips, and he must have been nailing the target, judging by the tortured screams and howls of outrage emanating from the perpetually enraged left. Other than that, I have no opinion on Carlson or what happened to him, but I do have some random thoughts.

No one escapes contact with with Donald Trump unscathed.

Talk radio and cable news are shells of their former selves. Their glory days are over. More atomization and a proliferation of narrower and narrower information silos are our future.

Government and news outlets have lost their monopoly on “The Truth.”

We sling hyper-partisan info-ops crap at each other like chimps in a zoo, but the fact that institutions all across the land have lost their moral authority demonstrates that there is still some preternatural wisdom within us.

What say you?

Open fire, bring the case against Tucker and anyone else you see as a danger to our nation, our society and our democracy. One stipulation: Bring direct quotes with links. No restatements, characterizations or reinterpretations. Bring the actual facts. In context.

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