"Hell is other people"

The Long March

Bill Maher made some excellent observations about The Similarities Between Today’s “Woke Revolution” And Mao’s Cultural Revolution:

“Good intentions can turn into the insane arrogance of thinking your revolution is so fucking awesome and your generation is so mind-bendingly improved that you have bequeathed the world with a new kind of human, you’re welcome,” Maher said.

“With communists, that human was no longer selfish,” Maher said. “In America today, that human is no longer born male or female. And obesity is not something that affects health. You can be healthy at any size. Really, we voted on it. A formerly serious magazine (The Atlantic) last year published with a straight face an article called ‘Separating Sports By Sex Doesn’t Make Sense.’ Yes, it does. Because, again, we haven’t reinvented homo sapiens since Crystal Pepsi came out.”

“I’ve spent 3 decades on T.V. mocking Republicans who said climate change was just a theory and now I have to deal with people who say you know what else is just a theory, biology?” Maher concluded.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Turley observes, Twitter censorship is the modern-day red scare:

For years, the Democrats pushed a Russian collusion theory that collapsed. It was later disclosed that the Clinton campaign hid and then lied about funding the infamous Steele Dossier. Nevertheless, people like Carter Page were falsely accused of being Russian agents and critics labeled as Russian apologists. Ironically, the FBI was warned that the dossier appeared to be the result of Russian disinformation and relied on a presumed Russian agent.

“I hold here in my hand a list of names…”

This view was amplified by former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who became persona non grata for her anti-war sentiments in Congress. She was later labeled a “Russian asset” by Hillary Clinton, who has refused to support that scurrilous claim of a former member.

What say you?

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