"Hell is other people"

Free the Children

Arif Panju & Daryl James say, Let Parents Opt Out of Low-performing Schools.

My answer is, Hell yeah! Teachers Unions and the 19th century government factory schools are failing our children and failing the nation. I’ve had enough of Randi Weingarten’s bullshit, and so have millions of other Americans. Time to burn it down and start over. Working as a carpenter’s apprentice would better prepare a child today than many government schools.

“Tear Down This Wall!”

Bulldoze the educational bureaucracy at the federal, state and local level. That would free up over $100 billion a year to give to teachers teaching students.

Break the Monopoly

Turn all educational funding into ‘backpack funding.’ A child takes her chunk of federal and state money to the school of her choice.

Free the Teachers

At the local level, leave nothing standing but the facilities. Allow groups of teachers and other adults to run those facilities and teach children. Or go out into the woods and teach children, or do so in homes, in libraries or public buildings and businesses…

See What Works – Let the Competition Begin!

Of course, the multi-layered nature of our education system allows localities to decide for themselves, so we would end up with thousands of experiments blooming. Forward-looking teachers experimenting to find what works, while old, gray Soviet-style politburo-run schools marching to Weingarten’s tune cling to the failed past.

Let’s open it up and find out what works. What say you?

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