"Hell is other people"

“Complicated Race Relations”

Another day in America, another repugnant attack by nativists on “outsiders.” From AP News:

A jury convicted two local men in November, finding that they were motivated by the newcomer’s race when they punched, kicked and used a shovel to beat him…” 

Tiare Lawrence, a local, said she doesn’t condone the attack but is deeply familiar with the tensions that permeate the case.

“The threat of outsiders coming in … brings a lot of sadness for those who grew up here and who are trying so hard to hold on to what little piece of paradise we have left,” she said. As an example, she cited efforts to revitalize traditional cultural values under attack by outside forces.

Tricked You! Ha ha! This racist attack happened in Hawaii, and the beatdown was administered by two locals pissed off that ahaole had moved in and, by their lights, was not respecting the culture or the villagers.

In the blessedly rare instance white people physically attack a person of color, the reporting is straightforward, and we all rightly condemn the perps. Reporting becomes more nuanced when “people of color” tune up “white people”.

“Not in Sync with Local Culture”

The article is crapulent with couched excuse-making and prefatory throat clearing “Of course we don’t condone what those men did, but…”

Enlightened white people–blissfully unaware of the concept of projection–explain…

White people who move to Hawaii are unaccustomed to being identified racially and are “not used to thinking about whiteness,” said Rohrer, who grew up white in Hawaii and is now a professor at Eastern Washington University. “We’re used to being in the majority and then we get to Hawaii and all of a sudden we’re not in the majority, and that makes us uncomfortable.”

That’s it. That’s why that arrogant haole caught an ass beatin’, Maui style.

The unique case highlights the struggles between Native Hawaiians who are adamant about not having their culture erased and people who move to Hawaii without knowing or considering its history and racial dynamics.

At least they didn’t literally accuse the historically ignorant victim of “asking for it” because he was dressed provocatively…

The victim’s wife did get the memo:

Lori Kunzelman acknowledged being unaware of Hawaiian history and said she has since learned about it.

“But attacking an individual white man doesn’t change history or improve things or justify actions on anybody’s part,” she said.

I love this quote:

“I am 82 years old. I have lived here for 50 years,” said Bruce Turnbull, a white, retired teacher who lives near Alo-Kaonohi’s family. “I’ve learned in Hawaii, coming from the outside in, it’s a good thing to live by the people around you and not tell them to live by you and your values.”

Where the hell has this guy been? America is all about pushy assholes invading other people’s spaces, screaming when someone prays at a high school football game, bringing in big city ACLU lawyers, and shutting down all that offensive and backwards Bible-thumping God-clinging.

What the hell makes Hawaii and its values so special?

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