"Hell is other people"

We are an Unserious Nation

Military Fatness

New research found that obesity in the U.S. military surged during the pandemic. In the Army alone, nearly 10,000 active duty soldiers developed obesity between February 2019 and June 2021, pushing the rate to nearly a quarter of the troops studied. Increases were seen in the U.S. Navy and the Marines, too. (Pandemic pounds push 10,000 U.S. Army soldiers into obesity)

Go Chair Force

Fatter recruits now welcome as Air Force revises its rules (Air Force Times)

U.S. in crisis mode with allies after Ukraine intel leak

CRITICAL: NSA Tools Leaked, Now Being Weaponized and Used

Thousands of Americans killed on 9/11, not one government employee fired.

A flag officer corps of losers. Not one US general alive has won a war.

Domestic spies infiltrated groups involved in Jan 6th, but somehow our government couldn’t even muster extra protection for the Capitol that day…

At what point does incompetence become systemic and dangerous?

America is an unserious nation where failed novelists become Deputy National Security Advisor, reality TV personalities rise to the presidency, and panels of government ‘experts’ work to silence professionally-credentialed critics.

Katherine Boyle writes in her essay The Case for American Seriousness

We don’t need aging institutions to pave the way for 21st-century dynamism. What we need is will. And audacity.

For 80 years, beginning with the end of World War II […] American deterrence and seriousness were in some ways synonymous—an undeniable force for growth and prosperity in business, in technology and in culture, making this country’s achievements the envy of the world. But as the century began, the loss of American seriousness accelerated just as our adversaries, Russia and China, became more serious about their own alternative projects.

We can debate the causes of this decline. Some say economic stagnation. Decadence. An unmooring from our founding principles or the natural rise and fall of nation states. But whatever the reason, we all know what unseriousness looks like.

She goes on to detail examples we all know too well involving multi-trillion dollar sinkholes, incompetence, misplaced hubris, experts who are anything but…

Please read the essay and tell us, what say you?

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