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MSNBC: House of Lies

I’ve already slammed Fox News, so now it’s MSNBC’s turn in the barrel.

MSNBC makes money peddling lies and smears. The high bar for slander and libel against public figures is all that saves them. Fox made the mistake of being a platform to attack a private entity, Dominion Voting Systems. So far, MSNBC has avoided that rookie error.

Matt Taibbi unloaded on MSNBC and provided a nice summary of their sleazy, scumbag behavior:

Trump- Russia lies, bullhorn for Adam Schiff’s lies about having secret intelligence dirt on Trump, lies about Jill Stein being an RT show host, treating the discredited Steele Dossier like the Bible, promoting the fraudulent Hamilton 68 Project…

The candidacy and election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States unhinged large swathes of the federal government, the media, and society, and incredibly, drove the leftwing media and the government Establishment into each other’s trembling arms.

“Worse Than Watergate”

Remember Evelyn Farkas, an MSNBC favorite who turned out to be full of shit?

Evelyn Farkas suggesting the Trump administration would try to destroy evidence if they “found out how we knew what we knew about the Trump staff’s dealing with Russians.” Farkas later testified under oath that she “didn’t know anything” about collusion.

Taibbi gives credit to Michael Isikoff for trying to inject some truth-based sanity into the MSNBC nutball conspiracy rampage, and then laments it resulted in MSNBC becoming an open forum for any FBI and CIA apparatchik hustling to defend the federal Police-Intelligence Security State (PISS).

He sums up the choice MSNBC faced:

They could either keep doing what reporters had done since the beginning of time, confining themselves to saying things they could prove. Or, they could adopt a new approach, in which you can say anything is true or confirmed, so long as a politician or intelligence official told you it was.

Heroes of the Glorious Resistance

Why have these execrable state security bureaucrats become heroes of the MSNBC left?

John Brennan, who used the CIA to spy on the US Senate and then lied about it.

James Clapper, who spied on the American people and lied about it.

MSNBC, like Fox News, has been captured by their kook fringe audience and is just dancing for the dollars.

What say you?

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