"Hell is other people"

Get Trump

I don’t like Donald Trump, but I really hate what a grotesque perversion our legal system has become. Ask Harvey Silverglate of “Three Felonies a Day” fame. We have too many laws and people in power have too much discretion on when and how to prosecute them or ignore them. This has led to rats infesting goverment using that government power to punish and torture their hated foes while ignoring the crimes of their friends and the well-connected.

Bragg initially passed on all this, as did the federal prostituters at SDNY. FEC said there was no campaign fund violation (See John Edwards). So why now?

As Freesoul pointed out, we have arrived at Stalin’s USSR where Lavrentiy Beria vowed,

“Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

Our nation is in a slow downward swirl. Democrats can point to craven Republicans impeaching Bill Clinton and shout that they started it. Where or how this started depends on your political bent, but that is a reasonable accusation.

This will not end here, and it won’t end well. It may never end. It may be political persecutions, partisan prosecutions, revenge and calumny all the way down…

“Lock Her Up!”

This perversion of law gives us an unsettling peek at another disturbing aspect of human nature:

Avid partisans rubbing their little paws together and tinkling in their panties over their team’s picadors stabbing the exposed flanks of those they hold a rabid hatred for. You have to be a sad, impoverished shadow of a barely-human shell to be on the excited edge of your seat every day, giddily awaiting the destruction of your hate totem. What pathetic, shriveled lives such people lead. I feel sorry for them.

And I feel sorry for our nation.

What say you?


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