"Hell is other people"

Body Snatchers

I don’t support the misuse of words and phrases, like calling peaceful trespassers “insurrectionists” or plastering the “groomer” label on everyone to your left.

However, adults who introduce to children graphic cartoons and texts advocating anal activity, masturbation and sex acts (gay or straight) among children should be arrested. I can only conclude that such adults are damaged perverts who get off exposing children to sexually explicit books.

There is no pedagogical reason for this material. None. If parents want to allow their children to consume this material at home, that is their personal business. Perverted public officials should be arrested and charged for exposing children and adolescents to such materials.

Flushing the Feculence

Also, banning such age-inappropriate materials from public schools is not a “book ban,” “book burning” or censorship.

Debauched weirdos promoting these books and graphic discussions are a far cry from caring teachers conducting clinical, age-appropriate sexual education discussions or counseling children with questions about sex and gender, same sex attraction, etc.

Teach it, Don’t Preach it

Another abuse is using controversial or uncomfortable history and literature to proselytize, propagandize and browbeat. Such topics should not be taught to shame and blame, but rather to expand the child’s mind and increase understanding, empathy, critical thought and rational, candid debate.

Shaping Future Human Beings: Us v. Them

One-third to one-half of political ideology may be heritable.” Add in upbringing and values inculcated by parents, and children are a long way toward adopting the politics and ideology of their parents.

The US is more or less ideologically split, so cons will raise cons, progs will raise progs and we continue on status quo.

So it’s a wash, right?

No. Conservative/religious/traditional people continue to have more children than less-religious progressives. Our nation has a conservative demographic surge brewing.

Some people wonder if the left, unwilling to put in the work to produce their own progeny, have decided instead to turn highly-malleable children’s brains against their parents’ values to keep that “arc of history” “bending toward progress.”

Parents are well within their rights to rail and rage against an arrogant and impervious education system propagandizing their children. Traditional mom Karol Markowicz reminds us,Your children belong to you, not a school. If you don’t fight, you’ll lose them.”

What say you?

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