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Textbook Projection

I don’t love or hate Tucker Carlson or Fox News, Kevin McCarthy, or the GOP, but I enjoyed the Infotainment Media Complex hysterical breakdown when Kevin McCarthy handed Tucker Carlson all the Jan 6th footage.

Johah Goldberg joins the leftish media and sticks his tongue out at the whole effort, while Daniel J. Flynn claims Tucker Carlson Exposes Jan 6 Committee as Crude Liars.

I don’t know about calling them crude liars, but Carlson has exposed some of their selective editing tricks, perpetrated to bash their enemies, often at the expense of the larger truth.

History is Written by the Video Editors

MSNBC’s unhinged lack of self-awareness (they get bonus points for their historically ignorant hyperbole) was representative of the meltdown:

Carlson is the most influential MAGA-aligned pundit in the country, and he can use this footage to do huge damage to public memory of one of the most brazen strikes against democracy in American history.  

Oh Noes! Someone trying to shape a narrative??? That’s never been done before!!!

The problem is that Carlson is not an honest person.

Little Lyin’ Man Adam Schitt? Smoking gun? Remember how he stoked the Trump-Russia hysteria by hinting the intelligence committee had the goods (that they ended up not having)?

This paragraph is hilarious:

Carlson’s story-telling tactics were clever. He exploited gaps in public knowledge, cherry-picked footage and speculated wildly based on any data points that ran counter to prevailing narratives about the riot. He also used dubious expert testimonials to buttress his claims, such as when he aired a security analyst implying, inaccurately, that organized movement among the protesters was a telltale sign of agents provocateurs. While Carlson never presented proof of his theories, he, like most effective conspiracy theorists, exploited ambiguity to try to confuse his audience and delegitimize mainstream accounts of events.

Sounds like the Democrat Party Jan 6 committee…

It’s also a perfect description of the government-media complex during the Trump years. Remember the letter signed by the legions of “intelligence professionals” assuring us the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation?”

Oh! The Horror!

Carlson’s capacity to cast doubt on Jan. 6 narratives could be on the brink of becoming quite a lot stronger. […] He could also develop an even stronger capacity to confuse, mislead and manufacture false claims about what happened that day because it could be harder for other media outlets to contextualize or fact-check many claims he makes.

In other words, Carlson’s authoritarian disinformation operation may have just become a lot stronger. 

In other words, Carlson now has the same power the Democrats wielded with their cherry-picked, Hollywood edited and produced Jan 6 Show.

Media and government propagandists have always “contextualized,” cherry picked evidence, selectively released facts and purposely inject partisan-skewed bullshit into the national dialog in order to “drive the narrative.”

Everybody is trying to sell you something. Everybody.


J. Peder Zane reminds us of the Cavalcade of False Narratives brought to us by the Political Establishment and the Democrat Party propagandists in the Infotainment Media Complex:

  • Donald Trump and his advisors conspired with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2020 election.
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.
  • The summer protests of 2020 were mostly peaceful.
  • Jan. 6 was a dress rehearsal for civil war.
  • Antifa is just an idea.
  • The southern U.S. border is secure.
  • John Fetterman was healthy enough to serve in the Senate.
  • Only a racist conspiracy theorist could suspect that COVID-19 could have leaked from the Chinese lab that was experimenting with similar viruses.
  • Critical race theory is only taught in a few law school classes.
  • The American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery.
  • Ron DeSantis is seeking to prevent Florida teachers from discussing slavery or saying the word “gay.”
  • Men can menstruate and give birth.
  • Six-year-olds are capable of making irrevocable life decisions.
  • A gang of MAGA Republicans carrying nooses were roaming the frigid streets of Chicago at 2 a.m. when they happened upon Jussie Smollett.
  • A man repeatedly shouted racial slurs during a Duke v. Brigham Young volleyball game and not a single fan in the crowded arena tried to stop him.

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