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Democrats a Danger to 1st Amendment

If the MAGA Republicans can be accused of disinformation, Democrats can be accused of endangering the first amendment.

Democrats have been denigrating the Weaponization of Government hearing as ho hum. No so Thursday, when Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger showed up and triggered The Democrat mean girls.

A so-called congresswoman opened the hissy cat claws attack with a cheap shot at Matt Taibbi, an award-winning journalist (and champion of traditionally ‘leftwing’ causes):

Del. Stacey Plaskett (D–V.I.) got the ball rolling by referring to Taibbi and Shellenberger as “so-called journalists.” (Taibbi responded by pointing out that he has won multiple journalism awards, including the National Magazine Award.)  (Robby Soave – Reason)

OK, I checked this out. Delegate to the Virgin Islands is a real thing, and it is legal to allow delegates from crime-riddled territories to shoot off their mouths in congress. Bonus: Plaskett gets elected over and over with astronomical dictator-for-life margins.

Some of the attacks were so clunky and creepy they sounded like they came from a Republican man:

Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D–Texas) seized upon the idea that perhaps the pair—she actually referred to them as part of a “threesome” with journalist Bari Weiss—had perhaps been paid to provide such testimony.

“Profiting” from legitimate work

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Yes her — Like herpes, she will never go away) accused Taibbi of *GASP* profiting Profiting! from his journalism. Does Debbie get paid for being a congresswoman?

Pro Government Censorship

Other random Democrats denied there was any government effort to censor anyone. When Rep Jordan provided proof, they waved it away and some claimed the government censorship was justified.

Shameful Disregard for 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press

Most chilling, committee Democrats launched a feral gang attack on Taibbi and demanded he name his sources and state when he talked to them.

Chairman Mao Goes to Washington

This was a brutalist display of government at its most horrible and vindictive. Cornered and craven congresswomen wielding their power of position to smear anyone who dares question government. This was dystopian. Anyone defending these chilling ex officio attacks should sit down alone and do some soul searching.

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