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Is it OK to be Black?

A Simple Question…

Imagine a polling firm asking this question: Is it OK to be black?

The pollster would be dogpiled and shunned. I speculate the answer would be around 96% Yes and 2% No, 2% don’t know.

Rassmussen asked the following question: Is it OK to be white?

CNS News breaks down the responses (Rasmussen site was locked):

Rasmussen asked: “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: ‘It’s OK to be white.’”

Good news! Only 28% of our fellow Americans think its not OK to be white!

58% said they “strongly agree” that it’s OK to be white and another 14% said they at least “somewhat agree.”

By race, 81% of Whites, 53% of Blacks and 58% of other races at least somewhat agreed it’s alright to be white.

I don’t believe the results

If this is a true result reflecting American thinking, our nation and our society is in serious trouble. How could we fix this problem? Mass deportation of white people? How can a white person scrub away their whiteness to make themselves acceptable?

Social Desirability Bias

This isn’t anti-white racism, attacking white people, white fragility, white people as victims, etc. I don’t think only 72% of Americans believe its OK to be white.

I think the response is a simple case of Social Desirability Bias. We are A Country Where People Are Afraid to Tell Pollsters What They Think. This Explains Why the Polls Missed Trump’s 2016 Election Win.

If we accept the Social Desirability Bias hypothesis, we have a different question:

Why would so many people answer “No” when asked “Is it OK to be white?”

It is worth considering Hotep Jesus’ speculation that maybe most of those who didn’t answer Yes, understood the question to be one asking about the social environment today, such as “Is it good to be white today (are the conditions good/is it convenient and comfortable to be white) or are you likely to catch crap for being white?

There is also the possibility that those who did not agree with the statement were hip to the fact that 4chan hooligans managed to turn the phrase into a hate slogan. (The stupidity of burning perfectly good words and phrases because bad people used them is a topic for another day).

Anyway, there’s some ambiguity there, unlike the infamous 2020 Pew poll cited by our friend Jez, which asked people if they supported the Black Lives Matter Movement.

I leave the question to you:

Why would so many people (28%) refuse to agree with the statement, “It’s OK to be White?”

What say you?

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