"Hell is other people"

Punctured Balloons

Our US Air Force pilots–at the command of President Biden and the generals who have never won a war–are firing $500,000 missiles at slow moving balloons, without identifying them first.

What We Know So Far

Chinese spying apparati? Weather equipment? School projects? Science experiments? European World War I hobbyists? Who Knows? Who cares? Blast away!

The Chinese are indignant and puffed up with anger, insisting history is on their side and swearing the “arrogant and plenipotentiary” US will soon be banished to the land of wind and ghosts.

The first half-million dollar shot at the first balloon missed. One balloon went down in Alaskan backcountry, one went down in one of the Great Lakes, and one in the Atlantic, so our sailors and airmen are going fishing.

Firing missiles over the continental US???

Why are we blasting objects out of the sky without first getting a positive ID?

Four-Star Freakout

Does anyone beside me wish we had leadership that didn’t do the equivalent of blowing a hole through the bathroom wall with a .357 to kill a scary spider?

Don’t we have some less expensive and less over-the-top way to bring down a four mile-per-hour craft invented by Phineas P. Pharnas for the 1783 Paris Wine and Cheese Jubilee? A large caliber bullet maybe? We can’t rig up a slow moving aircraft to snag the objects out of the sky and bring their payloads to the ground undamaged?

My fellow Americans, we deserve much better. What say you?

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