"Hell is other people"

“We are ruled by unserious people”

“We are ruled by unserious people who are worried about fake problems instead of the real fact that our country is falling apart in some of the most important ways,” Vance said. (Washington Examiner)

Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg has knack for being absent and out of touch when transportation emergencies arise, including the west coast supply chain backup, various airline debacles, and now, a major train derailment out in the hinterlands. While Palestine, Ohio deals with a toxic chemical spill, Mayor Pete has bigger fish to fry, like publicly complaining about racist roads and too many white construction workers.

Four Star Losers

Our leadership, including our generals and admirals, leave behind them a trail of destruction and failure. They suffer the disease of the rich and powerful: They don’t have to think, or innovate, or use their imagination so long as they have state of the art military hardware and a continuous sippy cup feed of endless taxpayer money. Best of all, no one ever holds them accountable. Thousands can die in an infamous terror attack, the ‘leaders’ can lose wars, waste money on dubious hardware and systems, draw down our stocks of armaments for endless wars, miss recruiting goals by tens of thousands per year, but it’s all good!

My fellow Americans, we deserve much better. What say you?

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