"Hell is other people"


The US Constitution does not authorize any government agency to collaborate with media outlets to quash “disinformation” and silence people.

The Center Square quotes Congressman Dan Bishop:

“The FBI sought to silence constitutionally protected speech & access internal Twitter data to further their spying & censorship regime,” the North Carolina Republican posted Thursday, along with a video clip from a recent House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing. “The Twitter Files only tell part of the story. How much did the FBI pressure other social media platforms, ones w/ even more users & influence?”

GWU Constitutional Law professor and scholar Jonathan Turley made this observation:

“It’s a particularly ominous thing to have the chief law enforcement agency performing this role, an agency with incredible powers,” he said. “Here you had the government itself looking for citizens who should be silenced and targeted. That’s a problem in and of itself, whether it also triggers an agency relationship.”

Turley then asked a serious question:

“Do we want to go back to the day when governments created those types of lists?” Turley questioned.

Embrace Kant’s Categorical Imperative

Do Democrats want a Republican government conspiring with social media to stamp out information they don’t like?

It takes an ideologically-deranged person to cheer on a constitutional violation by their favored agencies or party, while criticizing the same actions when the other party does it.

Credibility of Government and the Press is in the Toilet

Given Hamilton 68, the twitter files, the bogus “Steele Dossier,” the Russia collusion hoax, FISA abuses, Adam Schiff’s lies, and the Secret Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election , its no wonder government and the Infotainment Media Complex cling to the final shreds of their rotting credibility.

Leftwing progressives–who hate economic libertarianism–now desperately make the libertarian argument that corporations can silence who the hell ever they want. Great! We agree!

Can we also agree on this? If Government agencies are caught doing this again, the government agent perpetrators need to be prosecuted and fired from their government jobs. Period.

A nice bonus would be for media outlets to grow some H.L. Mencken balls, return to their roots, and immediately broadcast any government attempts to influence their business.

What say you?

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