"Hell is other people"

“Full of sound and fury and signifying very little.”

The Infotainment Media Complex is good at reporting on fake boobs and butts, vapid personalities “owning” one another, and generally blowing up localized, insignificant events into major controversies. What its not good at is reporting news and watchdogging government.

The Columbia Journalism Review’s Russiagate post-mortem is comprehensive and damning. Yes, the press were willing dupes of the Hillary campaign’s Nixonian dirty trick, perhaps even eager co-conspirators.

Enron financial arsonist Paul Krugman enjoys trolling, like when he belched out a screed about “Rural Rage.” Selena Zito provides a friendly rebuttal.

A study of a database of randomized control trials reveals no evidence that masks work to slow the spread of Covid. Yet CDC’s Rachel Walensky continued to double-down on flawed mask studies, and the un-curious press acted as stenographers for the government.

Trump haters in the press outsourced their investigation to a flawed project, Hamilton 68.

The Infotainment Media Complex is a conga line of empty barrels, government officials noisily banging away…

Our nation suffers the lack of a vital and relevant press. What say you?

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