"Hell is other people"

Boofing in the Devil’s Triangle: The Movie

A new documentary on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings debuted at a US film festival recently. Spoiler Alert! It’s very critical of Kavanaugh and sympathetic to those who made wild accusations with no corroboration or evidence.


I love this quote from one of the brave crewmembers who made the film despite the omnipresent danger of being jailed or killed by the US government:

“This was the kind of movie where people are terrified,” he said. “The machinery that’s put in place against anyone who dared speak up, we knew that machinery would be turned on this film… We live in a climate where no matter what we got in this movie, the people who support the status quo would keep supporting it.”

The movie apparently makes a big deal of the FBI’s unwillingness/inability to get to the bottom of just what happened at a 1986 frat party. How do you investigate a 40 year old drinking binge? Remember when you were in your teens/early 20’s? Remember how people couldn’t agree on what happened at that wild bash that took place the past weekend? Eyewitness testimony is the most unreliable, especially when the memories in question have been evoked, discussed, analyzed and “refreshed” over a span of decades.

Everlasting Gobstopper of Leftwing Rage

This works so well because no facts can be substantiated. It’s he said-she said, so the target is permanently smeared by unhinged loonies outraged that they didn’t get their way. These are the fairy tales fragile, damaged people recite to comfort themselves.

What say you?

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