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Terf Wars

Trans activism is now little more than a witch-hunt of disobedient women. — Brendan O’Neill, Spiked-Onine

Brendan O’Neill at Spiked Magazine writes about unhinged trans activists (most of whom are not trans) whipping themselves into a foaming rage against ‘TERFs:’ The gender jihadists are out of control

Read the article and you’ll see calling them gender jihadists is no exaggeration:

We need to talk about the hatred for ‘TERFs’. It is out of control. It is the most vehement form of bigotry in the UK right now. Over the past few days, we haven’t only witnessed gender-deluded men in Glasgow saying ‘Decapitate TERFs’. We’ve also had Reduxx magazine reveal the identity of the Scottish trans activist – a man – who wrote despicable violent tweets about someone driving a car into one of Kellie-Jay Keen’s gatherings of gender-critical women, so that we might see TERFs ‘exploding like bin bags full of baked beans on your windshield’. The same gender jihadist spoke about murdering Rosie Duffield with a gun and JK Rowling with a hammer.

This from the Scottish National Party (SNP):

In 2021, an SNP researcher was suspended from Westminster after it emerged that he’d shared a tweet from a thread which seemed to encourage armed violence against gender-critical women.

O’Neill Observes:

A political party that harbours men who dream of battering women, and whose elected representatives are seen next to banners calling for women to be beheaded, and whose councillors compare women who defend their sex-based rights to the people who oversaw the industrial slaughter of Europe’s Jews has a very serious problem, doesn’t it?

Trans Activism: The new home of misogyny:

While it might be the outliers of the trans cult who scream witch and issue death threats and say ‘suck my girldick’, their tirades only express with greater ferocity and spite the misogyny that is inherent to modern trans activism. The root idea of the contemporary trans movement – that ‘transwomen are women’ – is itself misogynistic. Its reduction of womanhood from a biological, social, relational phenomenon to a costume that anyone can pull on, even people with dicks, is profoundly sexist. It dehumanises women. It denies the specificity of their experiences. It turns womanhood into a feeling, something flimsy. So, yes, in saying that all it takes to become a woman is three months of wearing a dress, Sturgeon is contributing to the misogyny that motors 21st-century gender ideology.

British women are leading the fight against this crap, and winning. Their ferocious heroism has led trans activists to dub England TERF Island, and Americans cower in fear of them. What say you?

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