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New Religion, Angry Gods

Ron DeSantis has banned teaching CRT in Florida. This has opened an interesting debate: Isn’t it ‘dictatorial’ to ban the teaching of something? On the other hand, states are obligated to evaluate the educational merits of materials and curricula used in their publicly-funded schools.

Overblown rhetoric like this doesn’t help the CRT side.

Joy Pullman–arguing against teaching CRT–concisely articulates her side:

“…using public resources to promote racism and racial division, which violates the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

The curriculum Florida is rejecting was produced by The College Board, explains Stanley Kurtz:

The College Board — the group that runs the SAT test and the Advanced Placement (AP) program — has launched a pilot version of an AP African-American Studies (APAAS) course, to great fanfare in the mainstream press. Although the APAAS pilot has received plenty of publicity, the College Board has clothed the course in secrecy. The curriculum has not been publicly released, nor have the names of the approximately 60 schools at which the pilot is being tested.

If The College Board wants to convince us it isn’t pulling anything sneaky, it should release the entire contents of the curriculum and let the debate begin.

Manny Diaz Jr, Florida Commissioner of Education, posted the following tweet. Please go to twitter and read the ignorant responses. CRT purveyors hate pushback!

Lets inject some sanity:

A state refusing to purchase a company’s propaganda garbage pasted between textbook pages is not censorship.

Critical race theory is just that: A theory. It is not Delivered Wisdom handed down by the gods of truth.

CRT curriculum is not ‘black history,’ or even a sociological study of people of color in America, so banning it is not banning the teaching of our history warts and all.

From what I’ve read, CRT classes and teaching materials do sound like direct propaganda or a religion class hammering home dogma. Even classes and books on say, Proust, delivered to us by people who have devoted their lives studying and writing about him, deliver the material one step removed, so we observe the subject at an unbiased distance. From there, as we learn more, we can walk away, or we may draw ourselves closer to the subject to drink in a deeper understanding.

In contrast, the CRT lesson materials taught in classrooms, workplaces and military training are didactic and do not invite critical dissent. The course materials have a very “sit down and shut up” tone to them.

These courses would be more palatable if they presented materials with differing viewpoints and encouraged lively debate.

What say you?

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