"Hell is other people"

Somebody’s Winning, but it ain’t Russia or Ukraine

We’re sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine, which our military experts have already said are not suited for that situation due to various factors, including the complex logistics support required. US people will be in Ukraine supporting those tanks, but we had to do it to get the Germans to send their better-suited and easier-to-operate Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

The big winners right now are the US Arms Manufacturers. DoD is thanking Democrats for their support of this war. It allows us to sent Ukraine all our old gear and buy brand new replacements. And Democrats complain about the Defense budget…

Someday, somehow, the war will be over, and when that day comes, BlackRock and other State Department-approved scum suckers will be there to rebuild Ukraine, at US taxpayer expense.

So, BlackRock gets paid by U.S. taxpayers via the Ukrainian government to devise a plan that ensures the success of their future investments in Ukraine, made from money gained by making American housing unaffordable. With a deal like that for our financial and political elite, why would they ever want peace? (Bradley Devlin, American Conservative)

Happy Sunday!

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