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Blowback: “Brown Populist Revolt”

The number of self-identified Republicans now very slightly edges out Democrats. Unaffiliateds are now a larger cohort than both major parties, so I don’t know what the slight GOP edge really means. Add in people of color moving in the GOP direction, and the fact that almost half of Florida Jews voted for DeSantis in the last election, and we have further evidence we are in the throes of a once-in-a-hundred-years political realignment.

Shadi Hamid is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a writer for The Atlantic. He is Muslim, a liberal Democrat, and he made the following comments at the end of Bari Weiss’s podcast, Honestly:

… when I think about the Vanguard against crazy wokeness I think brown people are to lead the way because they can. But also because I think that there’s a sense of enough is enough, and we have been seeing signs of this as I said with Hispanics but also Arabs Muslims, black men to some extent.

And the question is, will the Republican Party be able to capitalize on this and actually make serious gains and sustain them? As a Democrat myself who is very critical of the Democratic Party of course, but still I want– would like Democrats to realize the risk that they are losing brown folks and to do a better job of keeping them in the tent by not being so ultra secular or by not being super woke on issues that alienate religiously conservative minorities such as on on issues relating to trans rights and and gender identity and public education.

So we’ll see what happens with that because that could really contribute to certain realignments.

Since 9/11 Muslims have been a pretty reliable component of the Democratic Party coalition they didn’t always used to be that way. My parents voted for George W. Bush like many Muslims in 2000 so there’s an interesting opportunity here and people gotta make choices about what they want to emphasize politically.

But the Brown rebellion has started. It’s also worth noting that I think it’s not just brown people but immigrants as well who I think tend to be patriotic and comfortable with saying they love American a way that many white liberals in the Democratic party are not comfortable with. And there I think you see and in an interesting distinction how different parts of the Democratic Party coalition think about their country.

Immigrants will save this nation

Underreported: Suburban Asian immigrants who usually lean moderate Democrat carried Youngkin to victory in Virginia because government messing with their kids pisses them off. Immigrants worked hard to get here and appreciate the opportunity to join this historical and vibrant project started by racist, religious cis-gendered white supremacists over 240 years ago. It pisses them off seeing internal forces tearing at the fabric of their nation, a nation they unabashedly express their love for.

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God bless America.

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