"Hell is other people"


Right-thinking Americans are upset at presidents ignoring federal law. They also express opposition to Soros-funded ‘prosecutors’ who won’t prosecute.

What do you think of this quote?

“We will not be enforcing it in this county; I will also not house anyone in my jail that has violated this act because we know it to be an unlawful act by the general assembly and the governor.

That wasn’t a leftwing loony city attorney in a deep blue city. It was a sheriff of an Illinois county speaking for himself and 73 other county sheriffs in that state in their opposition to the latest unconstitutional gun-grab law that will accomplish nothing.

More Arms = Safer Society

John Lott does a public service by laying down some facts. The data does not support the gun grabbers. The latest factual evidence of this comes from Brazil:

Bolsonaro’s reforms produced a 600% increase in gun ownership. Yet despite all the dire predictions, homicides in Brazil plummeted.

In 2018, the year before he became president, the murder rate stood at 27.8 per hundred thousand people – 5.5 times higher than the U.S. rate. But it fell in each consecutive year. By 2021, the third year of Bolsonaro’s presidency, it had dropped to 18.5 per hundred thousand – a 34% drop.

No surprise to anyone who has studied this issue. The story is the same everywhere. It is a tautology to say guns in the hands of criminals increases gun violence. It does not follow that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens does the same. The data proves the opposite is true.

Please read Lott’s article and follow the links he provides to authoritative data backing his claim. Most importantly, tell us, what say you?

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