"Hell is other people"

Welcome to the Machine

The President, Vice President and Congress could all be replaced by computers

The big news at the end of last year was the sickening annual drama of congressional budgetary brinksmanship, which ended this past year in congress passing another $1.7 trillion in spending, which will bring 2023 spending somewhere north of $5 trillion. Getting exact numbers and precise facts out of our government ain’t easy.

Dreams I’ll Never See

It would be refreshing if congress had to spend within a predetermined budget, like most states do, but we’re way too far gone, with 70% of the federal budget now gobbled up by mandatory spending and interest on the ever-expanding federal debt.

If I could pass a law it would be this: Every politician that votes for a law must make a YouTube video where he/she reads the entire 40,000 page bill, verbatim, first word to last, including footnotes. Further, they would have to publicly answer questions and explain the bill to their constituents.

But anyhoo…

Why do we need elected politicians anymore?

We could get the Disney folks to make us a robot president complete with a phone and a pen and pre-canned fatuous statements.

Congress could be replaced by a machine that annually jacks up the budget 10% and adds a few new untouchable programs every year.

The Congress Machine would need a permanent war-funding attachment, and if no big wars are raging, the Congress Machine’s Random War Generator could employ it’s State Department Interface to start one or two.

A bonus would be Money Cannons that arbitrarily launched unbudgeted $500 billion and $1 trillion handouts.

This is unsustainable. Mr. Smith has abandoned DC in disgust. A look at spending history damns both parties. It’s a bipartisan hog trough, so spare us the partisan apologetics.

What say you?

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