"Hell is other people"

“It Just Doesn’t Matter”

David Harsanyi remindes us: Relax, The GOP Fight Over House Speaker Doesn’t Really Matter:

McCarthy isn’t an admiral or preordained by the Lord to be speaker, so this isn’t “mutiny,” it’s just a vote. Indeed, a battle over leadership shows a more democratic dynamic than the typical lockstepping on the matter. In most other democratic nations this kind of parliamentary fight would be considered tame and completely expected.

The only embarrassment in this is the failure of McCarthy to lead House Republicans in a closed-door caucus to hash this out beforehand. The dirty laundry hissy fight is amusing, but its not winning the GOOP any new adherents.

More from Harsanyi:

However the vote ends up, though, it won’t matter much because neither side in this battle has anything special or particularly consequential to offer.

“This is about saving the country and getting somebody that’s going to cut and get us on a financial path of solvency,” claims McCarthy supporter Ralph Norman. Guess what? Kevin McCarthy isn’t Henry Clay. He possesses no extraordinary skill or vision that makes him uniquely qualified to stop the Democrats’ next spending bill, much less “save” the country. The conceit and sanctimony of politicians who believe the world is in desperate need of their talents is endlessly insufferable.

I agree. We are led by midgets. Which corrupt circus clown leads this goat rope or that just doesn’t matter.

What say you?

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