"Hell is other people"

Jesus Take the Wheel

I don’t care who becomes the next vocina de la casa. The next speaker could be Jim Eagle, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, or a talking cat, and it would make no material difference in my life and the lives of those I love.

My only interest in politics anymore is for the entertainment value, and the GOP has really been delivering. The Squat was entertaining when they first debuted, but to quote an old Monty Python gag, they’re just no fun anymore.

Both parties seem to be in a contest to see who can more quickly load us all up in a dynamite laden semi and run it off a cliff.

Peering through the dust and laughing gas, I can discern a couple of conclusions:

  1. Kevin McCarthy is doorknob dumb and/or so nakedly power-hungry there is no humiliation too embarrassingly degrading if it finally lands his sweaty dickskinners on the levers of power, even if he has to tolerate nihilistic kooks nipping at his nether regions for the next two years. Nancy Pelosi summed it up simply when she regained the speakership despite opposition from leftwing nutballs led by Ocasio Cortez. After the winning vote, a reporter asked her if she had ever worried she would lose. She answered, to the effect, of course not. If I wasn’t confident I had the votes, I would not have run again.
  2. Social Media and the 24/7 Internet Infotainment Media Complex has ruined politics, just as it has ruined society. People now run for office only for the lolz and likes, and the fame and money it brings. Rashid Taliban, Pressley and the rest of the loony leftwing ladies generate alot of entertainment, but their list of congressional accomplishments is almost nonexistent. A congressional seat is now just a platform to shoot off your mouth. Look at how Lauren Boebert’s handlers have steered her into exploiting poor Kevin’s humiliation.

What say you?

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