"Hell is other people"

2022: Look Back in Anger

OK, not really anger. Just felt like throwing in an Oasis reference…

“Send her victorious”

2022 was the year Johnny Rotten–the punk rocker who wrote and sang “God Save the Queen” (and her fascist regime, she ain’t no human being, etc) paid his respects upon the death of that same queen and squabbled (again) with his old Sex Pistols bandmates over the appropriateness of cashing in on the historic occasion

Men showed women how to do women’s sports

2022 was the year a dude hoovered up all the NCAA Women’s swimming championship trophies, and nobody with any power did anything to call bullshit. This was also the year of naked men strolling through women’s locker rooms swinging their dangly bits in front of women and their daughters.

2022 may go down as the year the last cowardly adult either slinked out of the room or surrendered the last shreds of authority to the cool kids.

A trillion here, a trillion there… pretty soon we’re talking real money

Congress celebrated with a $1.7 trillion blowout. The worst of it is how many voters think $1.7 trillion is the final number for the 2023 federal budget. It’s not. It will end up somewhere around $5 to $6 trillion, and 2023 spending will add another trillion to the federal debt.

Some Good News

We’re all familiar with Canada’s totalitarian crackdown on the honking truckers, but after all the jailings, bank account freezes and property impoundments, Canada did eventually drop the covid vaccine mandates for cross border truckers.

Naked Emperors

The Social Media Shakeout/Reckoning really got going in 2022. Partisan and ideological lines formed almost immediately, but it’s clear nobody’s happy with the current state of the Infotainment Media Complex. The debate rages on.

Institutions continued to discredit themselves, giving rise to the popularity of real journalism on platforms like substack and various podcasts.

Finally, people on the right woke up to what the left has been saying for decades: From the MIIC to Big Pharma, government really is in bed with corporations. Nothing personal or purposely nefarious; any harm or benefit to the citizenry is incidental.

2022 may also be the year the raging culture clashes began to die down. The flames from a million campfires still flicker and glow on all sides, but ordinary people involuntarily swept up in the hostilities are tired of it all, even those with strong tribal identities.

Finally, I highly recommend Reason Roundtable’s Wrap-up.

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