"Hell is other people"

Crappy New Year!

Back in the old Western Hero days, we would have a New Year predictions blog post where I and the other WH writers would post our predictions for the upcoming year and invite our friends to do the same in the comments.

Well, this year I finally realized I don’t know jack squat. How the hell should I know what’s going to happen in 2023?


Ukraine will not defeat Russia. Russia will not conquer Ukraine, so it’s either a negotiated settlement, or Russia continues to clumsily and brutally attrit Ukraine’s smaller army and reduce Ukraine and its infrastructure to rubble. It’s what Russians do best.

Serbia and Kosovo will not reignite the war. We have US and NATO troops in Kosovo, and lots of firepower nearby.

In your Neighborhood…

School districts across the US will continue closing schools in response to declining enrollments. No one will question why district and state education bureaucracies do not reduce staffing and budgets.

Corporations will continue buying up single-family homes, the housing shortage will continue, and the rent will still be too damn high.

Idiocracy Now…

Actual news articles will continue to be overtaken by serious-acting TikTok influencers spouting gibberish, infographs featuring women in tight clothing complaining about everyone telling them their clothing is too tight, rage-baiting articles featuring obscure outrages, and third-grade reading level snippets about someone “totally owning” someone else.

The government we deserve…

The wave of immigrants will increase, with greater percentage of people from outside our hemisphere. The gates are wide open, the “charities” serving immigrants are wallowing in free taxpayer billions, so why not?

Zero government agencies will be “held accountable.”

Republicans will turn the House of Representatives into an even bigger clown show, and Pelosi–in the minority and out of leadership–will continue beating hapless GOOPers like bongo drums.

More declining standards, more government handouts and freebees. Why not? We’re the richest, bestest nation in the world, and free money and no accountability are so much fun!

And Finally…

All the absurd and inane, frightening and annoying, maddening and disgusting people, places and things will continue on, only louder. Including:

Supply chain shortages, racist incidents, Hollywood movies, anti-racist lecturing, kale, squatty potties, blame-splaining, cable news, drag church services, influencers, viral (fill-in-the-blank), bloviating media personalities who think people are still paying attention, celebrities, politicians, catcalling, and 3:00 AM Waffle House brawls.

What are your predictions for 2023?

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