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A Lying Politician???!!!

Newly-minted Republican congressman George Santos is under heavy scrutiny for *ahem* padding his resume. He’s one of the five New York state Republicans who flipped Democrat seats to secure GOP control of the House, so youbetcha Democrat operatives are dirt-digging and demanding he resign so they can have a do-over and claw back one of the seats they lost.

The NY Post recommends the right way to handle George Santos:

Seating him and investigating him are both entirely proper: If we evicted every lying politician, Washington would be empty. 

How should we handle lying politicians? Ask Vietnam vet Dick Blumenthal, D-CT, Senator Elizabeth “high cheek bones” Warren, or perhaps the truck drivin’ man in the White House, Joe Biden, who was also jailed with Nelson Mandela in South Africa and was shamed out of an earlier presidential run for ripping off a Neil Kinnock speech and passing off the British pol’s working class experience as his own. During the 2020 campaign, the Infotainment Media Complex consciously suppressed Biden’s many whoppers. Beating Trump was just too important.

I don’t damn the Infotainment Media Complex for crawling up Rep Santos’ ass and exposing his lies. I damn them for their selective investigating and reporting.

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