"Hell is other people"

Divided We Stand

I like Ruy Teixeira. He is a partisan Democrat truth-teller who doesn’t blow smoke. Yes, he is the man who predicted years ago that immigration from Latin America would grant the Democrat Party permanent electoral dominance, and he has admitted his prediction was wrong, and explains it all with data.

Latterly, he has been analyzing shifting voter demographics. He always brings good data to his analysis, and while openly cheering for Democrats, he speaks the truth, even when it damns his political party. He has dedicated the last few years to explaining why Hispanics are shifting from Democrat to Republican, but he is working with a much wider set of data, and from there springs his latest analysis.

His main point continues to be that the Democratic party has gone too far left (and too many Republicans have gone crazy), but the numbers in his essay reveal how politically split down the middle we are. The red wave didn’t happen. Persuadable voters are not happy with Biden and the Democrats, but Trump and the Republicans do not inspire confidence. We are trapped, oscillating every two and four years between two crappy choices.


Check out these numbers Teixeira cites from a AP/NORC VoteCast survey:

Too tolerant of extremist groups?

Democratic party, yes: 53 percent; Republican party, yes: 53 percent

Talks about politics in a way that is leading to acts of violence?

Democrats, yes: 54 percent; Republicans, yes: 56 percent


Favorable toward Joe Biden: 41 percent; favorable toward Donald Trump: 44 percent

Favorable toward Democratic party: 42 percent; favorable toward Republican party: 47 percent

How often do what’s right for the country?

Democratic party, all/most of time: 41 percent; Republican party, all/most of the time: 41 percent

It is notable that MAGA Republicans outnumber non-MAGA Republicans 2-1, while progressive Democrats outnumber non-progressive Democrats about 1.5-1.

What say you?

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