"Hell is other people"

Chickens Roosting

We’ve learned much over the past seven years since El Donaldo descended the golden escalator…

Conservatives finally came to understand what liberals were trying to tell them back in the 60’s: The FBI is a crooked and politicized domestic spying agency, don’t trust the government, the press is a mouthpiece for the establishment, the system is corrupt…

In an earlier, more quaint age, hidden guardians protecting tranquil society from malevolent forces was mostly seen as noble, even as the day’s Torquemadas tortured and ruined actors, writers and artists. The inevitable reactionary backlash opened the floodgates, and in poured pornographers, agitation groups, and purveyors of a cornucopic explosion of expression, all crying “Freedom of Speech!”

People surveying this post WWII cultural landscape reach different conclusions, and rightly so. We are individuals, and the blessings of liberty are always a hodgepodge of treasure and trash.

It was a grand illusion

The advent of cell phone cameras and the nonstop internet feed of social media and plastic infotainment have ripped away the facade held up by establishmentarians in government, academia, media and other once-venerated institutions. We are watching the scenary collapse, the players clinging to old costumes, their lifelines to fast fleeing legitimacy slipping through their sweaty palms.

Not so fun on the pointy end

Now comes the corporate-sponsored press, a chorus of cheerleaders for silencing those they disagree with, in an indignant huff over corporate mogul Elon Musk clamping their tweeters.

The NY Post editorial staff takes the high road:

Look, we believe strongly in a free press. And even though it’s a private company, Twitter has taken the role of public square; we think it should only ban accounts in extraordinary circumstances. Furthermore, these reporters weren’t “doxxing” Musk, they shared or referenced publicly available data, collected and released by the FAA. So we say give ’em back their accounts.

But these whining journalists would garner a bit more sympathy if they had complained as vociferously about the collusion between Twitter and the FBI as they did about liberal writers getting the hook. Free speech is as important when a New York Times reporter speaks her mind as it does when @randomguy13 does.

What say you?

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