"Hell is other people"

Julian Assange & Press Freedom

I’ve always held a mixed view of Julian Assange. He is a detestable enemy of the United States, imo, and the wikileaks diplomatic cables spill chilled global diplomacy, which is never a good thing.

Having said that, he was the reporter of received information. He didn’t hack and steal that information. US charges accusing him of inciting and abetting Pvt Manning in an attempted password crack are thin at best.

“Welcome to the Club!”

The US attempts to charge Assange and others for publishing leaked information sets a dangerous precedent cheered on by tyrannical governments everywhere. Governments need to protect press freedoms, leave reporters alone, and instead focus on prosecuting those who broke the law by spilling information they swore to protect.

President Donald Trump flirted with the idea of pardoning Assange, and now President Biden faces growing pressure to drop charges against Julian Assange. Why not? President Obama ordered the US government to free Chelsea Manning in 2017.

Freedom of the press? What is the difference between WikiLeaks and the New York Times or Washington Post?

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