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Global Green Dream: Can’t get there from here

If “alternatives” truly were viable, after hundreds of billions of dollars spent and decades of forced mandates, green-obsessed Germany and California would have the most “alternative” energy systems in the world. They have anything but that. 

Germany has been forced to build more oil and gas pipelines and is rushing a liquefied natural gas import build-out; and for years, Germany has had the world’s highest electricity prices. California is not far behind (50-60% above the U.S. average). Oil and gas supply a staggering 75% of “green” California’s energy – more than the national average.   (Joe Biden’s “Alternative Energy” Fantasy)

The latest carbon-spewing global green energy boondoggle has concluded with rich nations promising to fling a few pennies at the poor nations. Like all pontificating pronouncements from all international confabs, it’s all just posturing and hot air.

Much of the global green agenda is Colonialism in Green: Developed nations who have built their wealth upon fossil fuels trying to deny poorer countries the same opportunity. Brookings calls this unfair.

“Aggressive Planning” “Global Cooperation” “Coordinated Plans”

Hucksters and barkers–including the US Government–continue pushing the unsupported claim that US can reach 100% clean power by 2035, DOE finds.

Go read the study in the linked article. The US DOE, after making such a bold statement in the headline, buries the reality in the data: No way in hell we can get anywhere near 100% clean power in 13 years.

The International Renewable Energy Agency makes this bold statement:

Materials shortage will not stop the energy transition if we plan ahead

Read the article and it acknowledges we don’t have the raw materials, but answers by saying we will mine and recycle more. Easy peasy!

Government mandates and subsidies is manufacturing demand, but Gap Growing between renewable energy capacity, demand.

Speaking of gaps, the gap between what we currently mine and what we need to mine is staggering. See the following article to grasp the magnitude:

Green Energy in America Needs a Lot More Land

Mines, Minerals, and “Green” Energy: A Reality Check

A Carbon-Based Future

The green agenda is a propaganda campaign of aspirational goals untethered from reality and hard facts. Despite this, it survives because there are billions to be made, a sucker born every minute, etc.

What say you?

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