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Iran, Canada… What’s the Difference, eh?

Q: What’s the difference between Canada and Iran?

A: The Canadian regime knows how to put down protests.

I immediately thought of Emperor Trudeau wielding his emergency powers when I saw this headline:

27-year-old man reportedly shot dead by authorities for honking horn to celebrate team’s World Cup exit

It was Iran. Could have been Canada. They were both eliminated from the World Cup around the same time.

Emergency Powers Inquiry

Unlike Iran, Canada still has a government somewhat accountable to the people. The Canadian government is holding a public inquiry into Trudeau invoking the Emergency Powers Act, which he used to brutally terminate a peaceful protest by impounding workers’ means of making a living and freezing bank accounts of innocent citizens. Trudeau himself testified. He and other politicians pointed fingers at one another, but nothing earth-shattering will come of the inquiry.


What was the prime impetus for terminating the protests at all costs? Money.

No surprise there, despite the fact that health authoritarians in western governments had already crippled their economies by crushing businesses, throwing people out of work, shutting down schools and generally pushing people around, threatening them and scaring them in the name of scientism and vaccines that do not “stop the spread.”

“Up their ass with a wire brush”

From the Hearings

Americans saw an “amber light flashing in Canada – and this amber light said to them, you know what, the Canadian supply chain could be a vulnerability”, she said on Thursday.

Canadian bank CEOs were also worried, telling Ms Freeland during a 13 February call that investors were looking at Canada as a “joke”.

One banker, whose name was not revealed in the call readout released at the inquiry, said a US investor told him: “I won’t invest another red cent in your banana republic in Canada.”

It’s always about the money and business interests, even for left.

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