"Hell is other people"

Who do you Trust?

I made a comment at Z’s blog yesterday, in response to her asking us which news stories are pleasing us or bothering us lately. I decided to repeat and expand upon my comments here.

I am so jaded, nothing bothers me too much anymore. I’ve been lied to and propagandized for so long, I am now immune to it. I even end up rejecting messages that could potentially be good, true or beneficial to me.

It saddens me to see there are still so many true believers out there, but then I think of the alternative–no true believers–and probably wouldn’t enjoy living in a world of stone-cold cynics doubting everything and believing nothing.

Years ago, I stopped credulously consuming any information deliberately designed to provoke partisan, religious or ideological passions. Being propagandized by your own side is not healthy.

Often Wrong, But Never in Doubt

I do still listen and read such information. You have to in order to understand issues, debates and their arguments, but I now subscribe to that old saying, “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” It disturbs me that so many partisans on all sides eagerly and unthinkingly lap up whatever reinforces their biases and makes them feel right and comfortable in their beliefs.

I am off the train. I owe my allegiance to no one but my God and my family, and my nation when it merits it.

I wish more people would critically analyze information they agree with.

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