"Hell is other people"

Fog of War Profiteering

The EU is accusing the US of *GASP!* war profiteering:

‘Is Washington still our ally?’: EU accuses US of PROFITEERING from Ukraine war through sales of guns and gas and threatens trade war – as top diplomats moan Biden’s green subsidies mean European businesses are relocating to US

Fracisco Franco is still dead: Inverse Russian Version

Putin is dying of cancer, terminally ill, fearing for his life, hands shaking, hands turning purple…

Article 5 Watch

Expanding NATO consolidates the liberal-internationalist orthodoxy and multiplies an imperial, self-sustaining, and expanding bureaucracy, making it more difficult for a hegemon like the U.S. to act in its own interests as opposed to the interests of the group. No great power or empire in history has been this trapped by its own ideological overreach. Fenrir, in this case, is not only chained, but has proceeded to neuter himself.

What say you?

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