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Media: Rigged, Hacked, Illegitimate

Matt Taibbi is a man of the left, but he has become persona non grata to progressives. Such is the destiny of a truth teller. As Jesus observes, no man is a prophet in his hometown.

If you win, it’s “the cleanest election in history.” If you lose, the electorate is already primed to throw a fit. It’s dirty, unpatriotic behavior and it’s now a routine element of all elections, coming from the Trump side and from officialdom.

Worse, it’s the dirtiest kind of pool to have agencies like the FBI or DHS repeatedly leak that “Russia” or “China” prefers Bernie Sanders or Trump, and is either trying to sabotage or already succeeded in sabotaging elections on their behalf. Ask yourself what purpose public leaks of such “assessments” serve. These have a patina of legitimacy because of the organizations involved, but they’re as bereft of evidence as Trump’s Stop the Steal claims and perhaps more corrupt, because they’re so flagrant a misuse of tax dollars. (Election Denial for me, but not for thee)

“Welcome to post-Trump America, where truth is a censorable offense”

Matt Orfalea made two YouTube Videos about election denial:

The first, “a simple montage of Democratic politicians, media officials, and enforcement officials saying the 2016 election was, among other things, “illegitimate,” “rigged,” “hacked,” and a “cyber 9/11.””

The second video “compared the post-2020 statements of Donald Trump to the post-2016 statements of Democratic partisans.”

YouTube demonitized the first video and deleted the second video (including unpublished drafts), stating it “contains claims that past US presidential elections were rigged or stolen, and our election integrity policy prohibits content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in US presidential elections.”

So, Democrats and their mouthpieces in the press screaming about Russia stealing the election for Trump is OK, but Trump spouting the same nonsense from the other side, not OK.

Here is the first video that the YouTube World Controllers allowed to stand (So far):

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