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A Tale of Two Cities: San Franciso & Miami

How Miami turned Red.

I don’t think it really “turned red.” It simply rejected the extremist parts of the Democrat party, the same way voters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and other key states recoiled from GOP extremism on abortion and the Cult of Trump and Stolen Elections ™.

As Miami began to shift Right, local progressive outfits, such as Cubanos Pa’lante, and Democratic Hispanic politicians, such as former US representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, doubled down on Latinx-style wokism and the “disinformation” gambit. Hispanic Miami, hypersexualised and constitutionally politically incorrect, is by its very nature an anti-woke city, but progressive Miami Democrats, captured and funded by the woke white Democratic establishment, cannot confront this reality head on.

“Latinx” progressives, unable to deviate from the Democratic funding apparatus, could not speak up and say what they knew to be true: that the weird gender and racial obsessions of white progressives alienate working- and middle-class Hispanics.

In Miami, however, such “social conservatism” often means a simple belief that men are men and women are women. The elevation of the trans woman as the embodiment of Democratic femininity was never going to play here — or with Hispanics anywhere.

Of course, Hispanics aren’t the whole story here. Miami-Dade flipped in part because of their Rightward shift, but the influx of blue state lockdown refugees certainly didn’t hurt. DeSantis kept schools and businesses open, proclaimed “the free state of Florida,” and the rest is history. Tech bros flooded into Miami, as did regular Americans looking for freedom in what has traditionally been the most non-American big city in the country.

Seeking a San Francisco That Works

San Franciscans have had their fill of leftwing nonsense, and voters are taking out the trash. San Fran will never be a conservative bastion, but common sense liberals are tossing out the nuts and their nutty, destructive policies up and down the ballot…

Far-left activists have spun conspiracy theories to explain who or what is “manufacturing” an alleged rightward shift in San Francisco politics. (One sitting supervisor has blamed “gluttonous billionaires,” a popular boogeyman.) But no sinister explanation is needed. San Franciscans just want a city where they don’t have to fear for their lives or their catalytic converters, where their children can get a good public education, and where the streets are not filled with open-air drug markets and filth. Preliminary results from the recent election confirm the sentiments Mayor London Breed shared at a post-election party: San Franciscans want a city that works, where the adults are back in charge.

Meantime, mayoral appointee Matt Dorsey beat Honey Mahogany for the supervisor seat in District 6, where much of the city’s homelessness, drugs, and crime are concentrated. A black trans woman and the chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, Mahogany has expressed support for defunding or even abolishing the police. That voters chose Dorsey, a white man who once worked for the police department, suggests that effective policies addressing constituent concerns are more important to voters than identity politics.

Another reason for hope? Joel Engardio, who ran on a platform of safety, education, and support for small business, currently enjoys a lead over incumbent District 4 supervisor Gordon Mar. This is especially impressive, given that District 4, which is majority Asian, has always elected Asian supervisors. Mar, however, had alienated enough voters with his opposition to the recall of Boudin and the three school board members that even his ethnicity might not save him.

Can anyone scan the entire landscape of America and discern any patterns?

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