"Hell is other people"

Totalitarian China Now

From Reason. Here’s what goes on in Chinese-controlled Universities:

Shortly before the 2022 Beijing Olympics, some of the students posted artwork from Australia-based Chinese artist Badiucao satirizing China’s human rights record and the ethical issues raised by its hosting of the Olympics.

Sam told me it took less than 24 hours before their peers shared the posters on WeChat. Then “other Chinese students spotted it on WeChat” and “through CSSA or private emails or other school channels they reported it to the provost and president.”

As normal in a totalitarian society, the university president acknowledged the snitches’ complaints and ordered university officials to conduct a witchhunt for the disloyal students.

The president also…

wrote that he was “personally offended” by the art and “would have all of these offensive posters removed as soon as possible.” He added that he was “saddened by this terrible event” and would “undertake an effort to determine who is responsible.”

This is what happens in a totalitarian society, but–ha ha, tricked you!–the university was not in China. It was George Washington University. In Washington DC.

What good is this nation if it can’t stand up for free expression? Why have we allowed Chinese money to coopt our universities?

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