"Hell is other people"

Rage Against the Karens

There hasn’t been much analysis about what white women will do at the polls. They’ve largely gotten a pass as this nation slides toward the abyss. (Boston Globe)

Suburban women, mostly white, make up around 20% of the electorate, so they are a powerful voting block. They swung the election for Trump in 2016, Congressional Democrats in 2018, and to Biden in 2020, even as their larger cohort of white sisterhood gave over half their votes in both 2016 and 2020 to the “bombastic oaf” who “grabs women’s vaginas.”

If, as many pollsters predict, white women are breaking hard toward Republicans (some polls show a 16 point swing since summer), brace yourself for a torrent of rage against the “Karens,” supported and justified by pseudo-intellectual hogwash explaining why they “vote against their own interests.”

 “Keeping the white heteropatriarchy intact”

A darker, more insidious explanation for why Karens votes Republican has emerged over the past few years: Instead of hanging with their angry, bullhorn brigade sisters on the left, they instead prefer to prop up the GOP misogynist and racist male-dominated patriarchy.

But part of it is wanting to stay on top of the racial hierarchy. These women have agreed to accept second-class status with their gender, as long as the Republican Party puts them first with race and keeps them safe. (The Cut)

Hate-splaining dressed up as academic analysis stokes tribalism:

“I see time and time again in my research that when white women are given a choice, they overwhelmingly choose to be empowered by whiteness, and to embrace white supremacy.” (Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers)

Whatever happened to “Celebrate Diversity?”

On Nov. 8, our democracy is on the line. But in a much more polarized nation, don’t count on white women to save it. (Boston Globe)

I can’t wait to see the Democrat attack on those traitorous Latina Republicans in South Texas…

There is hope for that Karen in your life!

White women can earn their “Not a Karen” pat on the head by loudly parroting feminist, leftist and “anti-racist” ™ propaganda, and of course voting Democrat, so they will be “seen by activists as using their privilege to protest against the very same systemic racism and classism that Karens actively seek to exploit.” (BBC – See end of article)

Karen: A Racist and Sexist Slur

I use “Karen” here to voice the bitter crowd that feels the need to tear down others to make themselves feel better. To paraphrase Dr. Thomas Sowell, in a nation of over 300 million people, whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it. So, the Karen meme is up there with the screaming progressive, but we all know there is always more to the story…

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