"Hell is other people"

Elon: “The Richest Non-Compliant Man in the World”

The blue checks are in a tizzy now that Elon has freed the bird. Should they leave twitter in protest? But then what? Insta and TikTok are where all the cool kids are, but only Twitter has assumed the burnished patina of an official Establishment Pontification Platform…

Criticisms of Elon emanating from tony leftish circles remains polite and concerned, sounding like elders worried the kid is driving too fast in his hot rod…

“He sees himself as above the presidency,” said Jill Lepore, a Harvard historian who hosted podcasts on Musk.

Comments like that, coming from people who fawn over Davos Men, progressive billionaire globalists, and Aspen Institute pontificators reveal a total lack of self-reflection and critical analysis. They also worry over his unwanted injection into global politics and his opining on subjects outside his expertise. This same crowd cheers Bill Gates’ efforts to rearrange the world, and hang on his every vaccine pronouncement, despite his lack of scientific credentials or medical degree.

Concerned progressives at the very good NY Times Podcast, The Daily (yes, it really is good. I recommend it), also worry about the direction Elon will take their beloved platform. In their episode Twitter in the Time of Elon Musk, the hosts actually referred to Twitter as “The Public square!” I was nodding in agreement! With the New York Times!

“Free Speech, Free Thought, Free Expression and Dissent”

Mugged liberal Sasha Stone, in her excellent podcast, Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning says…

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter felt like a major win for the real “resistance.” He is our Luke Skywalker, one of our last best hopes for freedom against the Empire.

She ends by calling Musk “The riches non-compliant man in the world.”

What do you think Elon Musk will do now that he is the “Chief Twit?”

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