"Hell is other people"

Three Female Fascists Walk into a Bar…

A senile president stumbled upon an abandoned set from Man in the High Tower and decided to give a dark, raging speech. One result was an increase in the already loud and frequent screams of “nazi!” and “fascist!”

This time, the Adolphs and Benitos are women who have the temerity to depart from their Democrat Party assigned role as either abortion rights activist, victim of rightwing patriarchy, or garden variety female leftwing loudmouth.

Glenn H. Reynolds explains Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis:

Now any election the left loses is treated as an existential struggle, the equivalent of war. And all’s fair in war. Calling your opponents Nazis justifies whatever you want to do to them, and makes you the good guy when you do it.

The US Infotainment Media Complex warns of the dark dangers of Giorgia Meloni: She must be a fascist because she is married to a man, celebrates family, goes to church, and weaponizes gender and uses it to oppress other women and minorities.

Reynolds points out that the defeated opponent of newly-elected Italian Prime Minister Mussolini–*oops* Meloni–rejects the hysterical leftwing name-calling:

…former PM Matteo Renzi, […] said, “Personally I was against Giorgia Meloni. I’m not her best friend. We are rivals, but she is not a danger to democracy. The idea there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.”

Another woman setting off the Democrats’ anti-fascist klaxon is Kari Lake, GOP candidate for governor of Arizona. She’s smart, attractive, articulate, and “is skilled at creating viral moments by dressing down reporters and eviscerating the mainstream media.” But her greatest sin is she’s a Trumpista and an election denialist, so Democrats like David Axelrod are comparing her to… you guessed it! Italy’s female fascist.

There is Hope

Joel Kotkin writes that between the America-hating communist jihadis on the left, and the neo-nazi white nationalist fascists on the right there is a vast 80% sea of pragmatic reality:

Even today, the vast majority of Americans are moderate and pragmatic, with fewer than 20% combined for those identifying as either “very conservative” or “very liberal”. 

Put the battle between Good and Evil to one side. It is these three factors — class, race, geography — that will shape the outcome of the midterms, whatever the media says. The endless kabuki theatre pitting Trump and his minions against Democrats may delight and enrage America’s elites — but for the American people, it is still material concerns that matter.

What say you?

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