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Ukraine: Who’s in Control?

We got this news last week courtesy of the War Porn section of a car magazine:

Ukrainian Kamikaze Drone Attacks Bomber Base Deep In Russia

Are attacks on Russian territory part of our deal to help Ukraine? Does anyone see the danger here?

The Washington Examiner cites a NY Times article stating…

the U.S. intelligence community has assessed that the Ukrainian government was responsible for the Aug. 22 killing of Darya Dugina. The daughter of a prominent Russian ultranationalist writer, Dugina died after an explosive device under her car was detonated.

That’s an assassination of a non-government Russian citizen. On Russian soil. Perpetrated by a government we are flamboyantly bankrolling.

Jeffrey Sachs states

By the way, you can’t have Zelensky negotiating with Putin. This is a war between the U.S. and Russia. And we need to have the president of the United States and the president of Russia talking with each other and avoiding Armageddon.

That’s a bold assertion, but he’s right. This is a proxy war funded by the US (and a few pennies from European “powers.”)

Scott McKay in the American Spectator Says

Following John Bolton toward nuclear armageddon seems like … a bad idea.

And should the war escalate, we’re going to eventually come to a choice.

Indeed. The Mustachioed Munchkin has never met a war he didn’t like.

McKay also quotes Sun Tzu: “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” Such wisdom is lost on Biden’s college kids and their foreign policy club. They don’t know Sun Tzu from sun tan.

What’s the Plan, Joe?

I really hope western “leaders” have thought this through and have a coherent plan. If their plan is regime change in Moscow, they are naive fools. Never knock down a wall without being sure something more dangerous is not behind it.

If the plan is to attrit Russian forces to weaken them militarily and financially, causing them to lose power around the globe, OK, if we can do it without the Ukrainians sucking us in. Everyone needs to be eyes wide open, though. This is a cynical plan that destroys Ukraine while our government and the press lead daily pep rallies for a Ukraine victory.

Eight million Ukrainians have fled their country, and another eight million are internally displaced. Ukraine does not have an endless supply of soldiers, and this is costing us upwards of $100 billion with no end in sight. This gambit to weaken and humiliate Russia will leave Ukraine wrecked and impoverished, its people shattered and missing so many young men.

I also wonder at what point Europeans will begin asking if the US security umbrella is really worth it. Partnering with the US has got to feel like a careening high speed joyride in a stolen car with an armed and coked up rogue CIA agent at the wheel, hellbent for stupidity and destruction.

Snarky sorority sisters running the west’s foreign policy looking to “own” Putin may end up getting all of us more than we bargained for.

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