"Hell is other people"

Woke Left + Neocon Right = Match Made in Hell

The Anti-war left and Neocon right engaged in a multi-year screaming match over Bush-Cheney’s horribly ill-conceived Iraq invasion, exchanging insults and accusations of warmongering, America haters, etc.

Now, they’re united in a chummy war drum circle, willing to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian, and who gives a crap if Europeans freeze this winter, so long as they’re buying US LNG at escalating prices (It’s always about the gas, or oil, or some pipeline, isn’t it?)

I didn’t vote for President Obama, but I readily acknowledge he is a smart man, and on Russia taking back Crimea, his intelligence and grasp of essential US foreign policy shined, as David Sacks points out:

the Left supported Obama in his policy toward Ukraine when he refused to escalate with Russia over Crimea, pointing out that America has no vital security interests in Ukraine, though Russia does. As a result, Russia would always be able to maintain “escalatory dominance,” Obama said. “This is an example of where we have to be very clear about what our core interests are and what we are willing to go to war for.”

Sacks concludes with a statement that fits the Iraq war’s unhinged poisoned dialog as much as it does the non-debate over Ukraine today:

Warping the debate in this way allows delusional and contradictory thinking to go unchallenged. 

It’s nonsensical, and a real debate would expose some of the delusions in this thinking. But we aren’t allowed to have one.

What say you?

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